hut14: All Akatsuki Members Assemble! (Wallpaper Download)

hut14: All Akatsuki Members Assemble! (Wallpaper Download)

All Akatsuki Members Assemble!

(Screenshot captured from Naruto Shippuden Episode #200, edited by Ema G)

Download for  Windows:

Download for TVs:
720×480 480p and SD
1280×720 720p
1920×1080 1080i/p

Download for Macs:
1280×800 13″ MacBook Pro
1366×768 11″ MacBook Air
1440×900 15″ MacBook Pro and 13″ MacBook Air
1920×1200 17″ MacBook Pro
1920×1080 21″ iMac
2560×1440 27″ iMac and 27″ Apple Thunderbolt/LED Cinema Display

Download for iPhones (640×960):
Kakuzu & Hidan
Tobi & Deidara
Itachi & Kisame
Pain & Konan
Sasori & Orochimaru
Tobi & Zetsu

Feel free to use this plain sunset image for your home screen and set one of the above iPhone wallpapers as your lock screen image (at least that is what I did!):

My iPhone's lock screenMy iPhone's home screen


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