hut40: Video Game Art Exhibit

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Last month’s First Friday in Santa Cruz hosted hut40 at Level Up Video Games’ Video Game Art Exhibit! Posters and postcards featuring hutna fan art from various video game series (E.V.O.: Search for EdenHarvest MoonLegend of ZeldaMario Kart and Resident Evil) were sold in a very limited 33 print run.

We have a few left overs (the Harvest Moon:GB print was the most popular and is nearly sold out) on hutna’s new L’Atelier Etsy shop.

Check out the prints and postcards below:

Watch out for chickens!Spaghetti Dog

Harvest Moon GB

"Mysterious Time Stream evolves you." 500-450 Million B.C."Mysterious Time Stream evolves you." 300-230 Million B.C.

"Mysterious Time Stream evolves you." 200-65 Million B.C."Mysterious Time Stream evolves you." 65 - 36 Million B.C.

"Mysterious Time Stream evolves you." 26 - 3 Million B.C.

Wario ♥ Shy Guy!

hutna had a blast at the event. If you stopped by we hope you street passed with us and got a chance to get your own custom hutna t-shirt design for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It was a pleasure to meet the other artists; they all had great stuff!

Display at the Video Game Art Exhibit

Thank you to everyone who came out to support my video game fan art!

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