In Progress: Hidan Kakuzu Doujinshi Project

In Progress: Hidan Kakuzu Doujinshi Project

Working Title:
<3 x 5 = A Zombie Ninja Love Story

5 chapters featuring the adventures of Hidan and each one of Kakuzu’s heart critters: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Kakuzu himself (Water).

Check back as I post my ideas, warm-up sketches, drafts and hopefully (one day) the final product.

« 1/22/13 update »

Meet the Immortal Duo (a.k.a. Zombie Combi)!

Old Married Couple

I have started the process of outlining and organizing my ideas and research for the doujinshi project thanks to the discovery of Scrivener.  This is a great app for scatterbrains like me!  I will start posting my character profiles (filled with info both canon and extrapolated) as I continue to make progress.

Character planning with Scrivener

« 10/31/12 update »

Meet the heart critters!

Heart Powers Activate!


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