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I am finishing up a couple Resident Evil fanart pieces that originated from scribbles I sketched during our game challenge last week.  One illustrates the “recipe” for making a zombie dog and the other features Wesker being… well… a cocky bastard (as usual).  I will post the final versions of these soon. 😀

J’s Corner

Made a small change to our about page thanks to Google maps’ April Fools Day quest mode (best April Fools Day thing ever).

There was a major set back in the production of the Tobi AMV; basically requiring me to re-edit the footage. It’s not starting from scratch, but it is close. This ended up being a sort of blessing in disguise as I think the new version will be even better. I wasn’t happy with the way some of the video was coming together, and in the process of re-editing it I think I have fixed what was bothering me. That said I can announce it’s release date: April 23rd! Be ready because on that day Tobi will be your fucking daddy!

Tobi makes all different styles of drum and bass.

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Vigilant Llama

Vigilant Llama

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